Different Types of Dentists - Which One Should You Visit?

Finding a dentist is not always easy, especially if you're looking for a specialist and have no referral. In most cases, a general dentist is all we need. This is a professional who takes care of common dental problems tooth decay, simple root canals, veneers, caps, and the like.

However, if you have special needs, such as removing a difficult tooth or maybe you have an advanced-stage gum disease, you do need a specialist. Again, if you don't have a referral, you can count on the Internet to look for the right Anchorage dentist with the right specialty. Of course, you need to be sure about the special dental issues you're having before you can find which specialist you need.

Oral Surgeons

Let's say you have a broken wisdom tooth and want it extracted. You should go to an oral surgeon (a general dentist might only make that tooth crumble). Oral surgeons are dentists who perform dental surgeries, like complicated tooth extractions as earlier mentioned or replacing teeth by installing prosthetic teeth using titanium screws.

Here are other types of dental specialists:

> Periodontist - focuses on the care of gums and treatment of gum diseases.

> Endodontist - performs root canals that are too complicated for general best dentist in Anchorage.

> Prosthodontist - makes very realistic false teeth

> Orthodontist - correct tooth positioning and jaw-related issues

In most cases, our dental problems can be solved by a general dentist. So even if you think you have gum issues, you may want to find a general dentist who can give you an initial dental exam. These dentists are easier to find, and again, you can probably solve most of your dental problems with them. When your case is really complex, that's the time you will be referred to a specialist.

Of course, whether you're looking for a specialist or a generalist, you can always find help online. Use consumer referral websites or just Google it out. You will surely find lots of useful information. Very importantly, do not forget to read reviews. Here, you can read about people's actual experiences with different dentists who have treated them.

Definitely, you have to research your prospective dentist's qualifications. They should have a valid license and be a member of a professional organization such as the American Dental Association. You can even book a day when you can observe the dental office before you commit to them. Consider the location too as it would be inefficient to have to drive miles to see a dentist, no matter how great they are. Finally, ask about insurance. You'd like to make sure they accept yours.